Occupation Senior Researcher
Diploma PhD in Computer Science (University of Florence, Italy)
Room D20.09
Phone +41 26 429 69 60
E-mail joel.dumoulin [at] hefr.ch
I’m a PhD in the Computer Science field. My PhD thesis was a collaboration between the MICC laboratory (University of Florence, Italy) and the HES-SO (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland).My thesis was under the guidance of Pr. Alberto Del Bimbo and Pr. Elena Mugellini, and the supervision of Marco Bertini and Pr. Omar Abou Khaled.

My research work is in the field of NextGen TV (Keywords: Automatic video annotation, High level content annotation, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Television experience, Human Computer Interface/Interaction), machine learning and pattern recognition.

I’m also a senior researcher and a teaching assistant in the HEIA-FR, part of the HES-SO.

Joël Dumoulin
PhD, Senior researcher, Teaching assistant, joel@dumoulin.ch