My PhD was a collaboration between two University groups:

HES-SO – University of Applied Science Western Switzerland

HumanTech Institute

University of Florence, Italy

MICC group: Media Integration and Communication Center

My thesis was under the guidance of Pr. Alberto Del Bimbo and Pr. Elena Mugellini, and the supervision of Marco Bertini and Pr. Omar Abou Khaled.

PhD Thesis: emoTV


emoTV stands for emotion recognition in multimedia content for empathic TV. This PhD is done in a collaboration between the University of Applied Science of Fribourg (EIA-FR), and the Media Integration and Communication Center (MICC) of University of Florence in Italy.


Evolution of TV has been ongoing for many years, and we see now the emergence of next generation TV experiences, through Smart TV or set-top boxes. Advanced features such as voice or gesture based control, integrated recommender systems, and social applications are proposed. If such systems are exciting in a technological point of view, Smart TVs currently lack one important axis of the TV user experience: emotions. To overcome this problem, we think that it is crucial to better understand not only the user watching the TV, but also the content itself. Indeed, bridging the gap between multimedia content and users would allow the emergence of innovative features, and also improve recommender systems.


Automatic video annotation, smart TV, emotions, affective content analysis, human computer interface/interaction 

emoTV website: